10 common nail myths busted

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Myth: Incorporating gelatin in your diet will strengthen weak nails

We all know that gelatin is a protein and nails are also made of keratin (protein), there is no scientific research to prove that gelatin can strengthen nails.

Best Tip – Add good nutrition to your daily diet with protein. Don’t wait for a miracle, give your nails a makeover, find a professional nail technician who can give a million dollar look.

Myth: Remove extensions from time to time to break your nails

If you are addicted to nails then removing all the improvements is unimaginable, no breaks are needed. Why? If you are trained at an international nail institute and they use good quality products, you have nothing to worry about.

Did you know that removing extensions requires more strategy than applying them? If the service is excellent, your nails will look and feel great. Remember, educated technology, best quality products, timely infill / refill are the best secrets in the industry.

Myth: Avoid nail products that contain chemicals

Almost everything around us has chemicals. Most nail products are petroleum, so there are no nail products that are chemical free. There is no organic nail product that will stay on your nails for three weeks.

How do I protect myself?

Go to a nail bar where there is a culture of disinfection, famous for using high-quality products and most importantly, nail technicians must be trained by an international educator to learn the right product application.

Myth: Growth destroys natural nails

Women it is 2022, we are in the era of nail art. The technology is very advanced, the products are user friendly, all you need to get a good nail service is a well trained, professional nail technician. Extensions that are applied well do not damage the natural nails. Eye opening here … If you feel pain, discomfort, damaged nails or cuticles, the problem is that nail technician sitting in the chair. Technologies may go wrong, may not be well educated, may lack experience, may use cheap chemicals. All of this can be avoided by choosing a reputable nail spa and choosing a professional nail technician.

Myth: Will nail polish stay in the fridge longer?

Those days are behind us when temporary polish, nail varnish was the only option to paint nails. Today we have gel polish that has taken a crowned position. However, if you use a temporary polish, you must close the bottle tightly after each use to avoid evaporation. If you keep it in the fridge, you must bring it to room temperature to ensure a smooth finish. Refrigeration does not increase the life of the polish.

Myth: The green thing on some people’s nails is mold or fungus?

Neither mold nor fungus can be seen overnight. গবেষণা Research is needed to analyze the green space. The possibility of infection can only be proved by a culture test.

Myth: Nail polish dries quickly if you soak wet nails in ice water

The days of temporary polish are long gone, but there are some users out there, so let’s find out firsthand … Solvents need evaporation to dry nail polish. Your technology will keep you in front of the fan to increase the speed of evaporation.

Do you dislike waiting for the polish to dry? I can feel your pain! Bachelor of Prison Polish. Shellac, Caliente … Pick your own. Unlimited color, apply n go, no chip, no fade …. I want to say more !!!

Myth: Do you file back and forth on natural nails?

Use the right erosive for best results. If the grit and pressure are correct, the back and front will not be damaged. Education, education, education! It’s all about nail technology that serves those. Trust your nails to a well-trained nail technician, a professional nail spa that uses the best products and international technology.

Myth: Is cuticle cut good for nail health?

Sadly, most technicians do not know the difference between ‘cuticle’ and ‘epiconium’. The cuticle is the dead skin of the nail plate and the eponicium is the living skin. Removal of the cuticle is fine but cutting the eponicium can cause infection. It is illegal in some states (USA). Remember more or less when cutting cuticles.

Myth: Is it a good idea to bring my own equipment to the salon to protect yourself from infection?

These days of Kovid have given us many valuable lessons. Lesson 1- Choose a salon that has a history of disinfection. We sterilize every implementation / tool after each service. It must be a hospital grade sterilization. This is mandatory.

Ask at your local nail bar, how do they disinfect? Check their protocols and disinfectants to make sure they comply with “international” health and safety measures. Instead of carrying your tools, make sure your nail technology and nail bar are following the disinfection process. It is your responsibility. Ask technical questions about his sanitation practice and if he complies with all disinfection requirements. If you feel uncomfortable with the cleanliness of the salon, leave without getting the service. Your health and safety are paramount.

With input from Gurpreet’s Nail Spa.




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