10 unexpected benefits of leg massage

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If you are a runner or an athlete or you do your daily routine or do nothing, you may occasionally feel the urge to stretch or press your legs. Therefore, we should all understand and appreciate the therapeutic benefits of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is basically stretching or massaging the legs. But leg massage at the spa is not a bad idea!

Our feet keep us standing all day. The more we walk, the more our calves will pump our blood upwards. Conversely, the longer we sit, the weaker this pumping action will be. It also affects our veins and the blood circulation in our legs and feet. Therefore, it must be understood that some of our blood vessels may be damaged if we stand all the time.

Here are some endless benefits of leg massage as suggested by Aditya Arya, co-founder of Yes Madam.

  • Improves blood circulation: Our overly lazy lifestyle greatly reduces blood flow and circulation in our legs. A simple foot massage keeps the muscles moving and improves blood circulation.
  • Avoid lymph formation: The lymphatic structure is responsible for the disposal of toxins, wastes and other unwanted substances from the body. Sometimes, lymph forms and develops under certain conditions. Or it not only affects the ability of the lymphatic structure to eliminate waste, it also causes clots in the arms and legs.
  • Prevents Injury: Foot massage is a great activity in itself because it helps prevent injury. It increases our mobility, stretches muscle tissue and improves blood supply. Muscle relaxation significantly reduces the risk of injury during sports or exercise.
  • Reduces stress: Foot massage reduces stress, reduces tension and helps control anxiety. A soothing foot massage can lower your heart rate, relax tense muscles and release endorphins. All of this calms the nerves and helps you relax and unwind.
  • Muscle recovery: For those who like to exercise, the pain after a hard-core workout may be enough to keep you from wanting to exercise. For those who exercise often, the excruciating pain after a good workout may be enough to make you never want to exercise again. This pain is also known as delayed onset muscle pain or DOMS. A foot massage can help treat DOMS and speed up your recovery. Massages are known to reduce stretching and help heal muscles.
  • Posture alignment: Experts say that bad posture affects not only the back pain but also the posture. Regular massage of the legs also improves the misalignment of the buttocks and lower back.
  • Edema: Foot massage can help prevent edema which is an exceptionally common problem in pregnant women. Edema occurs when the feet and ankles become swollen while holding fluid. Eating massages can help a lot in any discomfort that may occur.
  • PMS: As a result of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), many women experience a plethora of mental to physical problems. Side effects such as mood swings, agitation, migraines and headaches can be a major hindrance to daily activities, but a gentle foot massage can help calm these effects. Daily foot and foot massage can be really effective at this time.
  • Insomnia: Lack of sleep is a complex problem. Part of the causes include various medications (such as caffeine, nicotine, the prescription you take for asthma), job changes, stress, sadness and depression. Now and then we have no clear idea about the root cause of sleep deprivation. However, we believe that foot massages have a significant effect on your sleep. Foot massage can reduce your stress levels and thus help you relax.
  • Joint pain: Foot massage can help relieve joint pain. Massage relaxes the muscles around the joints and helps crush the connective tissue that holds these joints together. Considering that joint pain can be exacerbated by muscle stiffness, the ability of massage to release tension in stiff muscles is exceptionally mandatory. By releasing the tension in the surrounding tissue, the tension is removed from the joints and a portion of the pain felt due to the burning of the tissues in the joints is reduced.




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