4 most-common camera lenses in your smartphone and how to use them

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Almost every Smartphone Features at least two lenses launched in the last few years. Several reports indicate that many buyers consider the number of lenses offered before finalizing the smartphone for them. Lenses help you enhance your mobile photography experience because they offer the best possible way your smartphone can capture a specific image in a specific environment. The most common lens used in smartphones Wide lensUltra-wide lenses, Macro lens And Telephoto lens. Although many often talk about the number of lenses on our smartphones The camera Modules, their smartphones are rarely aware of the lens they are using to capture an image. To help you, here is a list of commonly used lenses on a smartphone and how you know when you are using one.
Wide angle lens
It is one of the most used smartphone lenses. This is the primary lens in smartphones launched in the last few years. Simply put, this is the lens that your smartphone’s camera uses when you launch the camera app. The lens is ideal for everyday photography and is commonly used in the camera on the front of the phone. If you want to use a wide-angle lens on your smartphone, you need to access the basic photo option of your smartphone camera.
Ultra-wide-angle lens
An ultra-wide-angle lens is available on most smartphones. The lens gives your smartphone a wide field of vision. It is supported by an ultra-wide angle sensor. An ultra-wide angle lens gets 117-123 degree field of view. For context, a primary lens or wide-angle lens gets a field of view of 79-80 degrees. You can access Ultra-Wide-Angle on your smartphone by zooming out the camera on your smartphone. Once you do this, your camera moves from a wide-angle lens to an ultra-wide-angle lens. A few phones tell you when you are using an ultra-wide angle lens. These lenses are also used on the front of the camera.
Telephoto lens
A telephoto lens lets you take pictures of distant objects. These lenses help you get an illusion of your photo depth. Telephoto lenses are not as common as ultra-wide lenses and are available on premium smartphones. The lens is paired with a telephoto sensor for optimal image output. Telephoto lenses are quite easy to use. Just as you zoom out to use an ultra-wide lens, you need to zoom in to use a telephoto lens. When you zoom out of the power of the primary lens, your smartphone will automatically switch from using a wide-angle lens to an ultra-wide lens.
Macro lens
Macro lenses are slowly gaining popularity among smartphone users. This lens allows you to capture intimate details of the subject. It can be considered as a magnifying glass on your smartphone because it allows you to focus on a subject that is closer to 2 centimeters. Most smartphones with macro lens features offer a dedicated option in the camera menu through which you can access the lens. This lens will be available on budget as well as premium smartphones. A macro lens cannot be accessed using Zoom like the other lenses mentioned above.




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