60% of premium phones sold in the world are Apple iPhones

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Gives an ambitious price to buy an iPhone Apples A significant edge over his rivals. Apple has a certain premium-ness associated with it and it’s more obvious than ever. Apple dominates the world’s premium phone segment, according to a report by Counterpoint Research. For the record, a premium phone is classified as any device that costs $ 400 (over Rs 32,000). So it’s not that competition is limited because almost every brand has multiple offers in this category. The iPhone, however, is killing it in the segment.

IPhone 13 Reigns supreme

According to Counterpoint, the iPhone is the best-selling model worldwide every month since October 13, 2021. This is quite revealing because it means that since its launch seven months ago, the iPhone 13 has been surpassing competitors as well as Apple’s Pro series. IPhone. The iPhone 13 is responsible for 23% market share in the premium segment, ahead of the competition. The IPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro have gained 13% and 9% market share, respectively. The iPhone 13 series has obviously done wonders for Apple because 45% of the total premium phones sold were current generation iPhones.
Overall, Apple had about 60% market share in the premium segment – the highest first-quarter share for Apple in the premium segment since Q1 2017.
Samsung Came in second with 16% market share and saw a slight decline in the segment. Counterpoint attributes this to the delayed launch of the Galaxy S22 series compared to the launch of the S21 series in 2021. According to Counterpoint, the Galaxy S22 series is doing quite well overall and the S22 Ultra is the best-selling. Android Smartphones in the world.
Xiaomi is gaining traction and is the third largest brand in the premium segment for the third consecutive quarter. Oppo and Vivo are ranked fourth and fifth in the premium segment.




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