7 tips to speed up Bluetooth data transfer

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Bluetooth One of the oldest ways to share files between two devices. In fact, it is a feature that has been around since feature phones dominated mobile telephony. One of the major reasons why users gradually abandon this mode when it comes to file transfers is the speed at which files are transferred. However, there are ways in which you can at least try to speed up the transfer. But first let’s understand the technology.
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a radio communication technology that helps a device connect wirelessly to nearby devices. Most devices, such as smartphones, laptops, earphones and other wireless accessories, come with a Bluetooth connection.
This medium is great for transferring data via Bluetooth and you can wirelessly share most files like Microsoft Word Docs, PDF and PPT in addition to pictures, videos, songs and even apps.
Here are seven tips on how to speed up transfers via Bluetooth
1) Obstacle removal
Bluetooth connections work through radio waves, which can be easily intercepted if there is something solid like metal, brick or concrete along the way. If a user has transferred files, they need to make sure that they do not fit between the two devices.
2) Connect only two devices, disconnect the others
If you notice that the speed is not up to the mark or it is lagging behind, be sure to disconnect your phone or the phone you are transferring to with other devices like smart speakers, earphones and other wireless accessories.
3) Close the background app
To make sure that the apps on your phone do not interfere with your Bluetooth transfer, it is wise to turn them off when you are transferring files. This is because when the apps are open in the background, they use the processing power of your device. So, to get maximum speed, it is important.
4) Keep the devices close to each other
When you’re transferring files from one device to another, it’s a good idea to keep them close to each other. This will give the best results. Also, experts believe that the device sending the file should be at a higher place than the receiver because this is how the waves travel efficiently.
5) Do not transfer many files at once
Transfer fewer files at once. Sometimes, if we push too many files, the overall transfer time can be long. If the files are sent in small batches or one by one, the total time may be less.
6) Keep devices up to date
Mobile, laptop and other wireless accessory manufacturers continue to roll out updates for devices with new features that keep them safe and up to date. These updates may include features like the latest version of your device’s Bluetooth connection. Keeping your device updated with the latest versions of firmware upgrades will ensure that your product integrates seamlessly with other accessories.
7) Invest in devices with the latest technology
It is very difficult to compete with technology. But at least try to have a device that has the latest Bluetooth technology. This will give you an edge in terms of speed and accuracy when you transfer a file from one device to another.




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