9 kitchen ingredients that are used for making vodka

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If there is an alcohol that is not sexually biased, it is vodka Unlike other alcohols, this wine can be made from virtually any ingredient that can ferment on its own, which is diluted and has a neutral odor and odor. Originally made in Eastern Europe, this spirit is now produced all over the world. Some common ingredients used to make vodka are potatoes, corn, apples and even rye. However, an asparagus-based vodka has recently been produced by a London-based distillery – Portobello Road Distillery, which claims that it is the ‘world’s first’ asparagus vodka with a limited edition. This vodka has been without just 600 bottles. Now, if you are a vodka fan like us, here are some amazing kitchen ingredients that are often used to make vodka around the world. (Photo courtesy: iStock photo)

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