All you need to know about Jewish cuisine

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1. Fish is allowed but it is only considered kosher if it has scales and fins so it means you can eat tuna, salmon, halibut or mackerel.

2. Seafood such as shrimp, crab, oyster and any kind of shellfish and lobster do not have scales and fins so they cannot be eaten.

3. If you have chicken or fish kosher, you can use eggs from them (think caviar or fish row) as long as there is no trace of blood in the egg. These can be eaten with milk or meat.

4. The flesh of the cocoon must have been slaughtered by a shochet (ritual slaughterer) according to Jewish law and the blood is completely drained. Soak in water for half an hour before boiling and sprinkle with coarse salt (which draws out blood) and leave for an hour.

5. When the salt is washed from the meat, it can be sold as kosher. Nowadays any meat labeled kosher must have been made following these rituals.

6. Because Kosha’s Dietary Law states that butter, milk or cream cannot be used in cooking with meat, you will find that non-dairy cream alternatives have been used instead. You’ve heard the word schmaltz before and it’s just a rendered chicken fat.




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