All you need to know about the ‘gaslamp fantasy’ genre

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Gaslamp Fantasy, also known as Gaslight Fantasy or Gaslight Romance, is a subdivision of both fantasy and historical fiction. Generally speaking, this particular field of imagination employs either the Victorian or Edwardian setting. Many of its traps, themes and characters are rooted in Gothic literature, a long-established genre that combines both romantic and terrifying features and is inspired by the desire to arouse fear, apprehension and other intense emotions in the reader. In Gaslamp Fantasy, you’ll find historical settings, gothic ambience, ballrooms, wit and romance, witches, dark magic, fairies and all sorts of supernatural creatures, but little science. In addition, the term “gaslamp fantasy” was first coined in April 2006, when webcam artist Casa Foglio coined his comic “Girl Genius” to distinguish it from conventional Stimpunk fiction, which is often set in the same historical era but usually has more. Super-science is set on edge and in a fictional period.

Here we are sharing five gaslamp fantasy books that you should read.




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