analytics: Google to replace Universal Analytics: What does it mean

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Google Announced it is going to be replaced Universal analysis Including its next-generation measurement solution Google Analytics 4. Search Giant announces through its official support page and confirms that Standard Universal Analysis Properties will stop processing new hits from July 1, 2023 The company has also recommended users to start using 7 Google Analytics 4 If in the future they still rely on Universal Analytics. Here we will discuss what Universal Analytics is and other recommendations that Google has made on the same topic.
What is Universal Analytics?
Universal analytics is a data collection technology used for web-based analysis. It uses analytics.js tracking code for websites, software development kits for mobile apps (SDK) and measurement protocols for other digital devices.
What is happening to Universal Analysis?
Google has stated that users will continue to use and collect new data in their Universal Analytics property until July 1, 2023. After this date, users will be able to access their previously processed data in their Universal Analytics property for at least six months. Keeping in mind the importance of data for users, Google recommends exporting historical reports over a six-month period.
Other important recommendations from Google about Universal Analytics
Google is going to provide a future date when the existing Universal Analytics feature will no longer be available next month. Users will no longer be able to view their Universal Analytics reports in the Analytics interface or access their Universal Analytics data via API posts on this date.
The company encourages users to switch to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible. This will help them create the necessary historical data and usage in their new experience. If Universal Analytics is no longer available, it will prepare users for continuity with Google Analytics 4.
Users that will be affected by the change
Google also mentions in their help page that if a property is created before October 14, 2020, the Universal Analytics property will probably be used. These users will have to switch the next day. Since users have created an asset after the specified date, they are probably using Google Analytics 4 and no action is required.




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