Ananya Bhattacharjee, InteriorMaata: Pandemic and lockdowns made people understand the importance of a beautiful home

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Ananya Bhattacharya She started her journey as an interior designer in Vadodara in 2017 through her first YouTube channel. His business was doing well, when the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic suddenly threw things out of gear. He took advantage of the opportunity to rethink and rebuild his business into a virtual operation. YouTube channel Interiormata to connect with its customers. He claims to have served more than 80 clients in his studio in the first year of launching his channel, using nothing but YouTube videos to share his work with clients. And only a few days away International womenIn 2022, TOI Tech-Gadgets Now spoke with Ananya about her journey and learning as a content creator on YouTube.
What is the main focus of your channel?
I want to help people learn interior design in an easy way.
What is the reason for the launch of your channel and the support you received from YouTube?
I started my youtube channel when I was at the bottom of my life. I was going through depression and low self-esteem; Honestly, when you question your life a lot but then at that point, I started my youtube channel using my husband’s old camera and a 5 year old laptop and I am here today.
Thanks to YouTube for what I am today. My YouTube channel has not only helped me grow my business but also allowed me to explore my creativity as a designer. Today, I believe I am a good designer and run two successful businesses.
How was your journey as an interior designing content creator?
I couldn’t ask for more. When I started my journey, there were hardly any other creators who were creating similar content. Those that existed came from other parts of the world. But, today you can find a wonderful YouTube channel to create similar content like mine. People are now much more aware and conscious about decorating the house than before. Moreover, with epidemics and lockdowns, people realized the importance of a beautiful home.
How has the country’s content creation ecosystem evolved since the epidemic?
With short-sized content gaining popularity, you don’t have to spend a few months on a video but you can spend only 30 minutes a day on your content and this in itself can create a sustainable social media career for you. YouTube Shorts Of course my favorite.
Any messages you would like to share with your fellow female content creators on this Women’s Day?
Believe in yourself and never underestimate your inner strength. You can do whatever you want, believing in yourself and your work. And, one day your story can become an inspiration to others.




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