android: ​​Government issues ‘high-risk’ warning for these Android smartphone users

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Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT 7) under IT Ministry has issued a new warning Android Operating system users. High intensity warning for users of Android 10, Android 11 and Android 12. According to the advice, multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in the operating system that can lead to sensitive information, improved access and denial of services. On the targeted system.
The advisory further states that “these vulnerabilities exist in the Android OS due to errors in the Android runtime, framework component, media framework, kernel. MediaTek, Qualcomm Components, Qualcomm off-source components and systems. “As suggested, successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow the attacker to gain sensitive information, gain enhanced access, and deny services to the targeted system.
Google Android OS has already acknowledged these vulnerabilities and launched a security patch earlier this month. According to the latest Android Security Bulletin 2022-03-05 or later the security patch level to solve all these problems.
According to the company, one of the most serious of these problems is a serious security vulnerability in the system component that could lead to a remote increase in privileges that do not require any additional functional benefits. Exploitation does not require user interaction. Intensity is assessed based on the impact of exploiting vulnerabilities, assuming the platforms and service mitigation have been shut down or successfully bypassed for development purposes.
Also, CERT-In has issued a warning to Google Chrome As a user warning, various vulnerabilities have been reported in the Chrome browser that could allow a remote attacker to run code arbitrarily, bypass security restrictions, or deny the terms of service on the targeted system.




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