5 Main Android TV Features

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5 Main Android TV Features

Android TV is a platform where you can watch everything, including your favorite TV shows and matches to bet at the races today. There are several settings you can play with. These include different ways to display your apps, recommended content lists, view your next lists, third-party launchers, and more.

Choose Your Favorite Apps for Android TV

You may want to install a few apps that you don’t use every day. For example, many people use VLC or MX Player as a third-party video playback tool for apps that don’t have their built-in player.

Given that you’re unlikely to use these apps every day, it doesn’t make sense to let them clutter up your Android TV home screen.

There is a way to customize your favorite apps.They appear in the top row on your home screen. The list can include both regular apps and games.

Recommended Content From Certain Apps for Android TV

When you scroll down on the Android TV home screen, you’ll see some of the installed apps as well as the recommended content there.

Most popular video apps, such as Netflix, Plex, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, can display recommended content. You have full control over what is seen and what is not.

Some apps even allow you to display multiple recommended channels from one app. For example, if you’re a Plex user, you can view both news recommendations and regular video recommendations in separate rows. Similarly, YouTube offers rows for Recommended , Subscriptions and Trends .

Configure Play Next Channel Android TV

Right below the Favorites line on the Home screen is the Play Next Channel. This is the source of content from all your apps to suggest the next video to watch. For example, you’ll find the next episode of a TV show you’re watching or the sequel to a movie you just watched

You can choose which apps will send content to the Play Next channel . To do this, go to the bottom of the home screen, select Set up channels and then tap Set Your Play Next Channel . Move the radio buttons next to the apps you want to enable.

Create Shortcuts on the Home Screen for Downloaded Apps for Android TV

One of the biggest frustrations with the Android operating system is that downloaded apps don’t necessarily automatically appear in the list of all your apps. This means you can’t add them to your favorites or even launch them easily.

There are several ways to manage downloaded apps on Android TV, but if you want to create shortcuts for downloaded apps so they work like regular apps on your device, you need to install App Repo.

This free tool lets you create shortcuts on your Android TV home screen with just a few clicks. The app is completely free to download and use.

Change the Order of Channels on the Home Screen Android TV

You can also arrange the sequence in which apps appear on your Android TV home screen.

To change the position of its channel, scroll down until you find the channel you want to move, then highlight the app icon on the left side of the screen and press Left once on the remote. The new icon will appear with up/down arrows. Press the corresponding button on the remote control to move the channel in the direction you want.


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