android: Windows 11 Android support to be available in five more countries soon

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Android Apps support in Windows 11 was probably one of the most highlighted features of the operating system when it was launched. However, when it finally came to the operating system, Android support was completely missing.
After a couple of months, Microsoft The feature has started testing and has been launched Amazon Appstore As the main source of Android apps, there were about 1,000 apps running on Windows at launch and only available in the US.
The next part seems to have changed now as the company has now confirmed that they are expanding support for Android apps in five more countries. This includes France
Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom.
Although the company has not provided an exact rollout date, it has been confirmed that the feature will reach the five countries mentioned above by the end of the year.
Remember that just like that Windows Android subsystemThe Amazon App Store There are preview episodes at the moment. This means that the product is still under development and is expected to get new features and functionality over time.
For those who don’t know, Microsoft has recently updated Windows subsystem Android 12.1 aka Android 12L version for Android which is designed to take advantage of the large screen size.




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