android: YouTube Android app gets a new pairing feature

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Since YouTube TV app launched, Google The app has undergone a number of changes and additions to provide a better YouTube experience on smart TVs. One of them was the ability to integrate the smartphone with the YouTube TV app so that users could cast a YouTube video seamlessly.
Extending that feature, the search engine giant has introduced a new feature that allows users to easily connect with them. Android And iOS devices, including TVs, allow users to browse YouTube on their handsets while watching content on TV.
Google has so far allowed users to pair their TVs with link codes. With the addition of new features, users will be able to link their TV to their phone via a Google Account.
How to use the new pairing feature
Make sure your phone and TV are signed in to the same YouTube account. Then, open the YouTube app on the TV and then the YouTube app on the phone. Now, a new popup will appear, click the connect button to connect the TV and the phone.
Once connected, the phone will synchronize with the TV. You can now interact directly with the video. It makes it easy to check descriptions, comments, and more




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