Apple Airtag: This app can help Android users know if Apple AirTag is being used to stalk them

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Apple’s tracking device AirTag has been in the news several times since its launch last year. There have been multiple reports claiming that Apple Airtag Used for stalking purposes. To solve this problem of unwanted tracking, Apples AirTag and Find My network accessories have unique Bluetooth identifiers that change frequently. This helps prevent you from being tracked in places. The feature alerts you with a notification if an AirTag travels with you. However, this feature was limited to the Apple ecosystem. But you know what Android Users can detect an AirTag near them Airguard app.
The was released in July last year Airguard The app was created by researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. The app periodically scans your surroundings for potential tracking devices, e.g. Airtag Or find my other device. With the app, you can play a word on AirTag and find it easily. You can also see where the device has tracked you
How the AirGuard app works
AirGuard uses Bluetooth scans of Android phones to find airtags and find my trackers. Every tracker found will be stored locally on your device. Whenever a tracker is detected more than once, the app recognizes it and compares locations where the tracker has been detected. If a tracker is detected at least 3 times and the locations change (to make sure it’s not your neighbor or family member) the app sends you a notification. If the tracker is an AirTag, you can play a word to find it.
Recently, Apple announced changes and new features to stop unwanted stockings. With the iOS 15.4 beta, Apple has added a new message to the AirTag setup screen that advises users that “using this item to track people without their consent is a crime in many parts of the world.”




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