apple: Apple patents tech that may remove physical buttons from its devices

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Apples It seems to be planning another radical change for its devices. The company appears to be planning to remove the physical buttons. According to a Fonerena story, Apple is working on a display technology aimed at removing the physical buttons on its device. The company is reportedly looking to replace physical buttons with invisible input zones.
How does Apple plan to replace the physical buttons?
According to the report, Apple plans to create dedicated surfaces in products that cannot be detected under normal circumstances to replace physical buttons. These undetectable surfaces will contain micro-pores that allow light to pass through them.
How will this undetectable surface work?
The report suggests that these surfaces will be visible to users whenever physical input is required. These surfaces will be illuminated (which would otherwise be invisible) and will act as an input area if necessary. To do this, the technology (new patent) will include sensors. These sensors will allow these surfaces to act like physical buttons because they will be able to register touch or pressure and even respond to them.
These sensors will be disabled and if not used the whole surface will fade into the device smoothly. The company explains the reasoning behind the design, noting that the physical input mechanisms lack “flexibility or adaptability” and sit idle when not in use.
Does this new input surface technology have a future?
This new technology can be used for dedicated notification buttons that show relevant information or can be used to include temporary sliders in the bezel (e.g. MacBookIts touch bar) and can even make way for an all-glass IPhone Design
However, for now, the technology seems to have some disadvantages as it only works with a limited number of materials – glass, ceramic and plastic.
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