apple: Apple will not accept debit, credit cards for app purchases, subscriptions in India

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Back in October 2021 Reserve Bank of India Changed the rules for recurring payments via debit and credit cards. Most subscription-based services that run on a recurring payment model have suffered and have had to be replaced to a certain extent. ApplesHowever, it seems to have taken a rather drastic step. If you want to pay for in-app purchases or launch a subscription App StoreThen you cannot use debit or credit card.
On a support page on the Apple website, the company stated that “regulatory requirements in India apply to the processing of recurring transactions. If you hold an Indian debit or credit card and have a subscription, these changes affect your transactions. Some banks and card issuers refuse transactions.” Can. ” This post was on April 18 this year.

On another support page for payments made through Apple ID, Under India, there is no option to pay by debit or credit card. We tested the iPhone 13 Pro running the latest iOS 15 version and the only way to do this is to add funds to your Apple ID, which can be done through UPI And net banking. If you want to buy an app from the App Store, Apple will instruct you to add funds to Apple ID first and only then will you be able to buy it.
Apple is pushing for its Apple ID funding system. Last year, users received 20% extra funding to add to Apple ID. For example, if a user added Rs. 1,000, the total amount added was Rs. 1,200. However, the campaign seems to be over now, with users receiving no extra money to add funds to Apple ID.
The recurring payment system initially created quite a bit of confusion as users could not access certain subscriptions. Apple has ‘solved’ the problem by removing debit and credit cards as payment options.




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