apple: EA seeks potential buyer, Apple and Amazon in talks

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Electronic Arts Or EA is actively looking for a potential new buyer or merger that will help expand its resources. Studios behind popular games such as The Sims, Battlefield and FIFA are seeking acquisitions to unlock its full potential, PhoneArena reported. Recently, multiple tech giants have acquired gaming studios. In January, Microsoft Announced that it had reached an agreement to achieve Activation Blizzard For 68.7 billion. A few weeks later, Sony Following suit with a deal to acquire Bungie for 3.6 billion.
EA merger agreement with NBC Universal has failed that
The report further states that EA CEO Dr. Andrew Wilson NBC Universal was contacted shortly after the announcement of the Microsoft Activation Agreement. The idea behind the deal was to merge the two companies, with Wilson as CEO of the joint venture.
The report claims that both the gaming and media giants have been discussing the terms of such agreements for weeks. However, the proposal broke down in the last one month due to the progress of the talks.
EA is looking for other buyer / addition deals
The failure of the NBC deal did not discourage EA ROM from seeking new mergers or acquisitions. Instead, the company has become more determined to reach an agreement after agreeing to buy Microsoft Activation Blizzard, the report suggests.
EA has consulted with other technology giants such as – Amazon, Disney And Apples Among other potential suitors. The report did not specify how far the talks would go, but said such an agreement would be of interest to all three companies.
How will Apple, Amazon and Disney benefit from acquiring EA?
According to the report, Apple Acquires Electronic Arts will gain access to a huge library of gaming IPs that can be used for multiple uses. Companies can use it – to boost Apple ArcadeDevelop its upcoming AR / VR headset as a gaming powerhouse and give Apple TV + streaming service more IP to play.
In the case of Amazon, the situation will be much the same as it includes Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Services and Prime Video Streaming Services. However, Disney will probably focus on IP for its Disney + streaming services.




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