apple: Explained: What is the new Scan Text shortcut in Apple iPhone and how you can use it

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Apples Recently iOS 15.4 update has been brought for the eligible IPhone The user update brings new features and improvements that Apple first demonstrated when iOS 15 was unveiled at WWDC last year. The build has a face ID with mask, new emoji, new voice for Siri and other features. One of the features that Apple has added to the latest update is’Scan text‘Shortcuts to the Note app. Here’s what the shortcut does and how you can use it.
Key to the Scan Text feature in the Note app
As the name suggests, Scan Text Shortcut lets you scan text through the iPhone’s camera. It can also be considered a toned down version of the live text feature that was released with iOS 15. For those who don’t know, live text is a feature that detects information using a camera and stored images. It allows users to send an email, make a call, and even find directions to a map by accessing text or an image stored in a camera gallery. This feature allows users to translate text from one image to another.
However, when it comes to scanning text shortcuts, it only allows you to insert text that you scan from the camera into notes. The feature can be quite useful for quickly taking and editing notes from your iPhone.
How to use the new scanned text shortcut in the Note app
To learn how to use the new scanned text shortcuts in the Note app after installing iOS 15.4, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Notes app on you Apple iPhone.
  2. Tap an existing note or create a new one
  3. Inside the note, tap the camera icon in the bottom bar.
  4. From the menu, tap the Scan Text option.
  5. Scan the text you want to add to the note with the camera.
  6. Tap the Insert button.




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