Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla come together to improve your browsing experience

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Google, Apples, Microsoft, Mozilla, Igalia and Bocoup have partnered to launch the Interop 2022 benchmark. This is an initiative by all major browser vendors and other stakeholders aimed at resolving top browser compatibility issues identified by web developers. Simply put, this initiative will improve the compatibility of apps, features and services across browsers. According to a blog post by GoogleIts development team, Interp2022, will improve the development experience for the web in 15 key areas.
This is not the first time that browsers have come together to solve compatibility issues In 2019 Mozilla, Google and others joined hands in the form of MDN Developer Needs Assessment Survey and Deep-Dive Browser Compatibility Report. These reports provide information on how to tackle the top challenges for developers with web platforms and lead to the Compat 2021 effort.
The 15 core areas that Interp2022 will work on include cascade layers, color space and CSS color functions, new viewport units, scrolling, subgrids and < ডায়ালগ > Material. At its core, Interp2022 is an evolutionary metric derived from a set of automated tests aimed at evaluating support for some of the important web standards for web developers. As Apple explained in its WebKit blog, “The Interp 2022 Dashboard will be constantly updated throughout the year, with browser engineers fixing bugs, applying new features and improving testing.”
According to Microsoft, Interp 2022 will help develop web platforms this year, with more vendor participation in the initiative and wider opportunities to address areas of interoperability.




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