Apple iOS: Android users may get this old Apple iOS feature

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Last month, Google The upcoming first advanced preview build roll out starts Android 13 The operating system build hints at new features and improvements that we can expect from the OS. So far, developers have released details about new privacy features, icons, language controls and more. The operating system will also bring features like quick tap gestures from Pixel smartphones. Now, according to a recent report, the upcoming OS will also get a feature that was part of it Apples IPhone for quite some time.
According to a blog by Asper’s Mishal Rahman, Android 13 will get a feature that allows users to adjust the brightness of the smartphone’s flashlight. According to the blog, OS has introduced two new APIs in the Camera Manager class, getTorchStrengthLevel and turnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel. He further explained that the getTorchStrengthLevel API returns the flash currency brightness level to the phone. TurnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel gives the option to set the brightness level of the flash. The range starts at 1 and the maximum power depends on the hardware of the smartphone.
So far, Android smartphones only get a toggle to turn on or off the flashlight. The option to adjust the brightness of the flashlight is offered only on custom Android skins from a few OEMs. It is worth noting that although the mentioned feature will be offered as a default Android feature, some smartphones will still not be able to use it due to hardware limitations.
According to an earlier report by Android Police, Google is also working with the Android 13 operating system on the ability to turn on the QR code scan through the lock screen. According to the ‘trusted source’, it can add a quick toggle button to the notification shadow for the same. This means that users will be able to easily scan a QR code without first unlocking their device.




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