apple: Meet the winners from India of Apple’s WWDC 2022 challenge

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Apple’s Annual Developer Conference – WWDC – Near the corner. The five-day event begins June 6. Every year before WWDC, Apples Contains Swift Student Challenge – Scholarships are given to upcoming developers – and some recipients have also come from India this year.
Among them is Swash Lanawat, a 25-year-old civil engineer who has a passion for coding. Lanawat did his civil engineering “to help encourage family business, I knew I was interested in technology.” This passion led him to the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy. At the academy, Lanawat is working on an app for the deaf and hard of hearing and trying to integrate haptics on the iPhone and Apple WatchTo help them communicate better.
Regarding the Swift Student Challenge, Lanavat says it’s all about how you can delight the user with less than three minutes of experience. It reminds her of her childhood days, she says. “Mine Playground A small tribute to my grandmother, who loved playing cards with me. It’s a humane experience of a card strategy delivered to you, as if edited directly by me. ”
Gitansh Atre, 22, of Ahmedabad, says his older brother inspired him to start his coding journey at the age of 13. A KIIT University student, her entry into the Swift Student Challenge is an OTP app called Vault, which has privacy. Key features. Apple’s technology has always fascinated him and he wanted to be a part of the ecosystem. “I think winning this year’s competition legitimizes my efforts to learn about the ecosystem and pushes me to create more unique and engaging applications in the Apple ecosystem that can benefit society.”
Jaskaran Singh knows that whether it is a long study session, coding or any focused work, sitting for long periods of time reduces blood circulation, causes neck pain and damages the eyes. The winner of Swift Student Challenge 2022 said, “I created ‘Fresher’ so you can avoid it in just 3 minutes. He further explains that the app allows you to pump your blood through simple exercises. It uses computer vision and ML to track your body and activities and determine if what you are doing is right and if you are actually doing it. Next, there is neck stretching with real-time head position detection, so you can stretch the perfect amount to relax your neck with onscreen guides. Finally, to lubricate dry eyes you need to quickly blink your eyes, there is automatic detection and calculation. “The app is designed to be intelligent and automatically manage progress through activities,” he explains.
For Singh, design and coding are the outlets of his creativity. She is thrilled to have won the Swift Student Challenge because winning it has always been her dream. “I learned a lot and grew up during the challenge and Joy gave me the confidence to do more with my skills to make a positive impact in the world,” he added.

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