Apple wins more patents for its rumoured mixed reality headset

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Apples It is reported that it is preparing to enter a new market with the first AR / VR headset this year The device is one of the most talked about products of the company. Apple is not known for revealing anything about its upcoming products, but rumors surrounding the company’s AR / VR headset have been circulating for some time now. According to a recent report by PatentlyApple, the company has been granted two mixed reality headset patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
One of the patents reportedly features a head-mounted device (HMD) faceplate with an infrared one-way mirror finish. The app speaks of the protective covering of headwear, such as ski-goggles or sunglasses, through which people will not be able to see the user’s eyes. The report suggests that the one-way mirror finish is designed to hide various cameras, vision tracking systems and more from the public eye.
Another patented application invented by PatentlyApple talks about an HMD charging system that includes a display, power storage device and a receiving coil. The receiving coil may be for charging the headset.
The technology giant is expected to launch the gadget with limited supply by the end of 2022, according to an earlier report by well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuom. According to the report, he believes that shipments of the product will not start until the first quarter of 2023, suggesting that only a limited number of headsets will be available to customers at the time of launch. A paper shared by Display Supply Chain (DSCC) last week also suggested a similar launch timeline for headsets.
The report further states that the upcoming device will have a three-display configuration. According to reports, the Apple headset will combine two micro OLED displays and an AMOLED panel. According to an earlier report by Ming-chi Kuo, Apple headset Will weigh between 300 to 400 grams. He added that the headset will be able to deliver more performance than the M1 chipsets that the company uses on MacBooks. Other rumors suggest that the device will be equipped with advanced sensors for environment and gesture detection.




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