Arjun Kapoor shares his weight loss journey, says ‘I’ve never shied away from the fact that I was obese’

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Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor recently shared his ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures on social media, drawing attention to his jaw-dropping fitness transformation. He said it took about 15 months (February 2021 to May 2022) to reach his desired goal and that it was still a ‘work in progress’.

“It was a tough one and I’m just glad I was able to stay on track. Admittedly it was very hard to stay on course, it’s still there, but I love the state of mind I’ve been in for the last 15 months. I hope it’s It will remain the same, “he wrote in the post.

“My #MondayMotivation is now me and not others who love themselves. I’ve been feeling this way for a long time !! This is me, this is me who is (breast hair included),” he added.

In an exclusive interview with Itimes Lifestyle, Arjun Kapoor not only talks openly about how he feels about his journey, but also discusses what he did to reach his goal.

Arjun Kapoor with his jaw-dropping conversion and fitness tips

When asked about his recent conversion post on social media, he responded that he never avoided being an obese child. He says he is “very aware” that he is not watching his best for a stage that has disappointed his fans and damaged his films.

Furthermore, the actor says that he cannot imitate his life, become someone who is not.

“I just want to present myself there. That means you have to put your bad and your good. If I only express the good, it’s a fake life and I don’t want to be the person who inspires people to lead. A fake. Life, “he said.

Comparing himself to the multi-talented Tiger Shroff, Arjun says his journey is different. He praised Tiger for his dedication and commitment, saying, “He’s a very unique and special person – a once-in-a-lifetime talent, one who can dance, one who can act, one who has a body. He worked hard, and woke up at 4 in the morning.” “I know how disciplined that guy is … he’s created an audience for a specialty that he brings to the table that none of us do.”

“I never wanted to be like that because I never imagined myself able to do it. I was an obese child, my journey was different,” he shares.

However, Arjun believes that he is more concerned and people can look at him and say “if he can I can.”

Furthermore, he advised people to “keep going” and not to give up.

He believes that it is not only his physicality that makes him attractive but also his personality and how he manages himself, his upbringing and his thought process are all major contributors.

“I want to wear my scarf very openly and I want to be able to tell my truth. I know I was going through a bad place but I’m struggling with it … I still have a job going on and I will always push myself,” He says.

Fitness tips

As far as his fitness and workout is concerned, Arjun says that he is very lucky to have a trainer who is like a friend with whom he shares all his fears and anxieties.

However, he acknowledges the fact that not everyone has a trainer or the best food available. But one thing he believes everyone can do and benefit from is walking!

“When I was obese and overweight, even as a child, I believed one thing that there was nothing better than walking. Even today when I want to lose weight, I just remember to go out and walk. Just be physically active. Active. You can’t sit on top of the best food and then you can’t grasp the fact that you are not losing weight, “he said.

He also suggests wearing a watch that can tell you how many steps you are taking, which can help you understand why you are not losing the amount of calories you need.

How to ‘keep it’ for the long term?

According to the actor, being hardworking is the key to reaching one’s goal.

Willpower and dedication are more important than focusing on diet or exercise.

“There are no tips or tricks on what foods to eat or skip, because everyone is different. But you can’t give up and be lazy and then expect results. You can’t do what others do and Follow it and expect results. You need to know your body, you need to understand it, you need to know your limitations, “he explained.

Additionally, he draws attention to people who face weight problems and find comfort in food. “It’s a big problem. You feel unhealthy and unwell but you want to eat food to make you feel good temporarily and then feel bad. It’s a vicious cycle,” he said.

However, the actor believes that no one other than the person concerned can help break this cycle. “It’s like a bad habit. You can quit when you’re ready to quit. No one can force you to quit,” he shares.




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