Avoid these three parenting styles which can make your child avoidant

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Children are unpredictable, and so are their activities. Sometimes your child can make a mistake that you never expected and at other times, it can actually cross the line, leaving you powerless in a given situation. The immediate reaction to such situations is rash discipline. Parents can become physically aggressive or say something that can damage their child’s self-esteem. This type of parenting practice can lead to avoidable behavior in children where they do not consider any change in their behavior. As a parent, ask yourself why you reprimanded or punished your child. What do you want to see in your child’s behavior? A child can understand what is wrong with his behavior, he can easily improve it and adopt alternative behaviors or practices. Here are three main parenting styles that can turn your child into an abusive, stubborn person who doesn’t admit their mistakes and does something to avoid being caught instead of changing their behavior.




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