Being Single: Story of a 72-year-old woman who remained single out of choice and even adopted a girl child

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Bharati Sood, 72, a retired economics professor, chose to remain unmarried out of choice and even adopted a baby girl which made her the first single mother in Delhi. Read on to find out how the general “society” of that day dared to act and how loneliness is dealing with it today.

Does it bother you when people ask why you are unmarried?

No way! I don’t really think I can be accountable to anyone.

Why do you think unity is so questionable?

Not only in India, but all over the world there is a patriarchal structure where it is accepted that women need both physical and financial support from men at every stage of their lives. Also, for many it is difficult to digest the fact that loneliness can be out of choice.

What are some of the weirdest, funniest questions you’ve ever asked about being single?

Not funny or weird but there are some clich প্রশ্নd questions that are often covered by random people who have never had any business interference in my life. Some of those questions were: “Didn’t anyone want to marry you?” “Are you unmarried because your parents didn’t let you marry someone of your choice or was he of a different color?” “Aapka kavi man na ki kiya”? “Don’t you miss a partner?”

What energy do you find in being single?

The fact that I am independent and can make my own decisions, right or wrong, empowers me. I can’t be accountable to anyone.

Have you ever had those weak moments when you wish you weren’t single?

Never. I was always very clear that I wanted to be alone and live my life on my own terms. And fortunately my family has made my personality, my decisions and supported me.

A few tips for men and women who are thinking of loneliness trying not to fall under the pressure of “society”.

Once you have a clear idea in your mind that you are capable of managing your own life, you should go ahead with your decision no matter what people say. But, for this you have to be financially independent. Don’t be overwhelmed by what others think because in the end it’s your life. You don’t explain to anyone.

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