Belgo Belgian Craft Beer in Vietnam

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Belgium and craft beer are often mentioned in the same breath. The association is so deep and historic. In fact, the term ‘craft beer’ was coined initially for Belgian brews. Small in size though, Belgium has a tremendous presence in the international craft beer space. Every other Belgian village flaunts a unique, uninterrupted brewing tradition dating back to some 800 years.

The brewing pride runs deep in Belgium, which explains for Belgium’s thriving beer scene. On the last count, there were 224 active breweries in Belgium, brewing over 1000 delectable craft brews, often in small batches. Think pale lager, strong ales, amber ales, stouts, brown ales, and more. The numbers are remarkable for a country with a population of just 11 million.

Belgo Craft Beer Brewery:

Craving for authentic Belgian craft beer in Vietnam? Head straight to Belgo Craft Beer Brewery, nestled in the heart of Saigon. Belgo Brewery is a brainchild of Belgians, serving only authentic Belgian brews, created by Belgian experts in a brewery imported from Belgium. Add to it the authentic, gourmet Belgian cuisines by Belgian chefs – it can’t get any more Belgian than that.

As the first and the only Belgian Brewery in Vietnam, Belgo Brewery is credited with introducing Belgian craft brews in Vietnam and powering the local craft beer revolution. Over the years, the brewery has come of age, attracting a deluge of beer enthusiasts with a more evolved palate. Currently, the brewery operates two pubs in the heart of Saigon, each draped in Belgian décor.

The start:

Belgo Craft Beer Brewery is a vision of two Belgians, Gauthier and Francois. Typical of a Belgian, both love beer. When on a job assignment in Vietnam, they were fascinated by the strong beer culture here, much like the one in Belgium. The striking similarities in beer cultures led to the idea of merging the two cultures and creating authentic Belgian-styled beers in Vietnam. What ensued were discussions with beer experts on how to go about it, one step at a time.

The quality focus was there from the get-go. Founders were just too keen on delivering the best gastronomical experiences that’ll satiate beer geeks’ cravings while, at the same time, keep them returning back for more. As it turned out to be, brew masters, machinery and ingredients were imported from Belgium. All that culminated in a state of the art Belgian Brewery in Ho Chi Min City, representing the best of brewing practices steeped in Belgian traditions and ethos.

What makes it special?

When it comes to brewing artisanal brews, Belgo Craft Beer Brewery has all bases covered.

  • The 40 HL facility brews 40,000 liters of craft brews monthly. It’s completely manual, meaning each brew is hand crafted with elite craftsmanship, and attention to detail. From fillers, keg washers to pasteurizers, palletizers, depalletizers, bottle conveyors, and more, the machinery is made-in-Belgium to exacting standards in safety and quality.
  • The brew masters have the traditional Belgian brewing techniques down to a science, and never shy away from experimenting with processes and ingredients. They share the founder’s vision of delivering the best beers money can buy. For them, brewing is more a labor of love, which reflects in the specialty beers they brew day in and day out.
  • Vouch for Belgo Craft Beer Brewery for a stunning variety that’ll spoil you for choices. Blonde, Amber, Wit, Session, Pale, Black, Golden Ale, Amber, Lambic, Oud Bruin, Royale, Saison, Full Moon, Cherry and Pilsner, you name it. Regardless of your taste or mood, there’s always a beer for you to savor and feel good about. Per Brewery Spotlight, these are handcrafted beers meant for connoisseurs seeking authentic Belgian flavors.

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