Beware, hackers using this ‘trick’ to hijack your WhatsApp account

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Beware, there is a new one WhatsApp scandal Rahul Sasi, the founder of, has made a new highlight OTP He claims that the fraud is being used to hijack WhatsApp User account. According to Sassi, cybercriminals are using a simple tactic to hijack WhatsApp accounts. In a Twitter post, Shashi details how the scandal works.
How WhatsApp OTP scam Works
The hacker calls Victim and persuades him to dial “** 67 * or * 405 *”. Once the victim dials any of these numbers, they are logged out of their WhatsApp account and the attacker has complete control over it. How surprised you are, then read on. Explaining the same, Shashi said that what happens here is that the number that the victims dial is a service request for Reliance Jio and Airtel to “call forwarding” when their number is busy. Attacking tactics forward the victim’s call to the number they own. Now in the backend, the hacker starts the WhatsApp registration process for the victim’s number and chooses the option of sending OTP via phone call. Since the victims ‘phones are engaged, OTP will go to the hackers’ phones and they will have access to the WhatsApp account.

He says the strategy works globally because each country and service provider has the same service request number.
For those who don’t know, WhatsApp sends an OTP to the registered mobile number to verify users’ accounts. The SMS contains a 6-digit verification code (OTP), which the user needs to enter on WhatsApp’s verification screen. The verification code is unique and changes every time you verify a WhatsApp account on a new phone number or device.




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