bhavini: Gadget Talk with Bhavini Purohit: Can’t do without my phone

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For content creators Bhabini is a priest, Gadgets An integral part of life. Quite active Instagram, Bhabini Big time on the reels – posting them regularly. Tech is one thing she says she relies on a lot for her personal and professional life.
We contacted him to have a quick chat with him to find out what gadgets / gadgets he can do without, the latest gadget he’s looking at, buying his first gadget and much more.

Q. Which gadget you can’t do without and why?
A. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is my phone. The reason is simple. Today everything depends on your phone – my work, my daily work, that’s how I connect with my friends, fans and family.
Q. Which gadget do you carry with you on vacation?
A. Recently, I bought one GoPro For vlogging. So yes, in addition to my phone, I carry my GoPro whenever I’m on vacation.
Q. Have you spent the longest time mastering a gadget?
A: The moment I feel like I have mastered a gadget or I know everything about it, I see someone or some video online that shows some tips and tricks and it makes me wonder and long for something more.
Q. What’s next on your shopping list?
A. Looking for a DSLR. Phones are capable of creating some amount of amazing content but you still can’t replace a DSLR.
Q. What was your first gadget and do you still have it?
A: My first real gadget was the iPhone 5c! I still have it.




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