broadband internet: India slides four spots on overall fixed broadband speed globally: Report

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As the country prepares for the 5G era, India has slipped four places in the global rankings for overall middle ground. Broadband Speed ​​- From 72nd to 76th place in April, a new report claims.
The overall average static download speed in India has come down slightly from 48.15 MBPS From 48.09 Mbps in March to April, according to Ookla, Worldwide Leader in network intelligence and connection insights.
However, India recorded a median mobile download speed of 14.19 Mbps which is better than 13.67 Mbps in March.
With this, India is now two steps up and 118th in its global rankings, according to the report.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore lead the mobile broadband and fixed broadband segment with average download speeds of 134.48 Mbps and 207.61 Mbps, respectively.
Ukraine and Papua New Guinea recorded the highest growth in Ookla’s ‘Speedtest Global Index’ for median mobile and fixed broadband performance in April, respectively.
The data from the Global Index comes from the millions of tests that real people use SpeedTest each month to test their Internet performance.
The report came at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a self-made 5G test bed in the country.
Mentioning that 5G technology will facilitate administration and in many cases bring a positive change in doing business easily, Prime Minister Modi said that it will create more jobs in many cases.
He said 6G services would be launched by the end of this decade, adding that a task force had already begun work on the project.




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