Can onions go bad? The right way to store onions

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There are some simple ways to check if onions in your kitchen are spoiled or fit for eating.

First look at the appearance of the onion, if there are strange black spots on the skin of the onion, the black spots indicate that the onion has started to spoil and may eventually start to rot.

After that, always check that the onion is not germinating as it indicates that the onion has started to deteriorate. Germination is when the onion starts to deteriorate.

Touch the onions, if they become thin, soft, it’s time to discard them. Also if there is a strange rotten smell from onions, you must throw them away.

Damaged onions can form dark spots, which will eventually begin to mold. You should also try to avoid onions that have started to germinate, as this indicates that they are starting to deteriorate.

You can feel it to test how fresh your onions are. Soft or spicy spotted onions are starting to go bad.




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