Chanderi saris are having a moment

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Light as feathers and shiny like water droplets, Chanderi is one of the most favorite fabrics in India. For those who like and like to wear Indian weaving textiles, their clothes must be suitable. The town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh is called Chanderi, where this fabric is produced on looms made with the help of ancient weaving techniques, which is not very common nowadays. A fabric suitable for Indian weather, Chanderi is light in weight and sheer and has a regal brilliance which makes it suitable for occasions like parties and weddings as it is rich but still light. The fabric comes in a mixture of silk and different types of cotton or silk and so it has a variety of fruits and glitter. Most suitable for summer in India, Chanderi is commonly used in Indian attire and has not yet been extensively tested with western silhouettes.

It is no surprise that chandelier is still relevant in the country because it meets the aspirations and needs of the wearer and the weather conditions. The uniqueness of the fabric lies in the motifs of the woven fabrics. The most common motif used in Chanderi is the coin motif. Flowers are also an important motif inspiration for Chanderi’s craft. The fabric made using de gum silk has a transparent feature that makes it look very delicate and sheer. It has a loose weave to maintain perfection. Once worn only by royalty, now Chanderi has gained popularity across the country and even among lovers of various arts and crafts abroad. With the intervention of the design, the fabric has created a more beautiful fall and a variety of colors and motifs that have made it more attractive and distinguished it from regular chandelier designs, thus creating a larger market for crafts. The new intervention in the craft has certainly stolen hearts and people have happily bought Chanderi for the light functions of their show. Chanderi is commonly used in kurtas, dopattas, skirts and sarees.

Being so versatile and airy that it covers the sides of the skin and is carefully crafted by expert craftsmen, Chanderi is sure to steal the heart as always this season and it will be under development due to design interventions and opportunities.

By Gautam Gupta, co-founder label Asha Gautam



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