chrome: Google Chrome 102 is now rolling out: New features, changes and more

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Immediately after release Chrome 101 update, Google Complete changelog has been omitted for this Chrome 102 update. The latest update for the browser comes with a lot of new features and changes, but most of them target developers. Nevertheless, the update includes a number of features to enhance the user experience for end-users. Here is a list.
Chrome is getting a new one for Android Adapted Button
The Chrome 102 update introduces a new adaptive button that can automatically transform itself
Different buttons depending on the user’s habits. It’s still an experimental feature and has already started showing up to some users in Chrome 101, with the latest update extending it to more users. The button can be used as a new tab, voice search, share and more. Also, the button can be customized by long pressing.
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Keyboard shortcut for rearranging tabs
Google has finally added a new keyboard shortcut to rearrange tabs in Chrome. The feature is in the Linux version of the web browser and is finally being rolled out to Windows and MacOS versions with the latest update. New shortcuts allow users to move tabs using the keyboard. Users can now press and hold the Ctrl + Shift + fn + up and down arrows (page up or down buttons).
Online store rating on Android
Google is experimenting with a new feature that will show store ratings directly from a Google review on a webpage. This will include store information and other details to help users find out if the store is genuine.
Open the file for the web app on the desktop
Chrome 102 finally gives the web app the ability to open some files from the desktop. These include photo editing web apps, Photoshop files and more.
In addition to all these features, Chrome 102 Also brings newer and more powerful search functionality, the ability to control slides from the view conferencing screen and much more.




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