chrome: Google experiments with Chrome’s New Tab page design for Android

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Google rarely introduces major changes Chrome As a browser it has a huge user base. The tech giant is experimenting with various new tab page designs to launch its browser Android Device 9to5 According to a report from Google, recent changes show that the Chrome browser will adopt a carousel that lists the websites most recently visited by the user. Currently, the Google Chrome New Tab Page Android has – company logo, Omnibox To search – a URL entry and a shortcut for recently visited sites The icons of the most visited sites are arranged in a 4 x 2 grid below the search bar. However, this design is now expected to change for Android’s Chrome browser.
What will the new design look like?
The report states that the tech giant is testing a new carousel design that will include 12 sites and their icons. However, users will be able to see four or five at a time instead of eight. Instead of users being able to select an option without scrolling, they have to scroll and tap on the icons to view the page (as it is now available to most users). The small size of the site icon section will help other sections such as Discover and Follow / RSS feeds will benefit slightly.
Availability of this new design
The new carousel is not currently available to all users on Google Chrome’s New Tab page However, the report suggests that this new design is appearing on more devices who have updated their Chrome browsers to Chrome 102 stable version.
Other changes to Chrome’s New Tab page
This new design was originally introduced in a previous Chrome redesign effort that improved the New Tab page. In addition to the carousel of the recently visited site, the previous design added another carousel for “Continue browsing” that shows and replaces open tabs. Tab grid. However, this design was never widely published, but it was significant for breaking Chrome’s navigation model and also helped to upgrade the new tab page to the top of the tab switcher.
In other news, the alleged display specification of Nothing Phone (1) has been tipped online. Click here for more details.




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