chrome: Google is reportedly ‘rebranding’ Chrome OS

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Google’s Chrome OS is the operating system for most entry-level laptops, as it is commonly called Chromebooks. It seems that Google He plans to rebrand his desktop operating system, eventually removing the space from the name.
Now, according to Google, the operating system is referred to as Chrome OS (two words). However, there are instances where it is referred to as a term ‘ChromeOS’
Also, it has become a topic of controversy among users and has caused some inconsistencies among users. It seems that Google has finally decided to drop the space between Chrome and OS according to the new code changes posted.
According to the description, the new name change is intended to consolidate the name across the board. It will also bring the necessary consistency to ChromeOS 7 However, it is not certain when Google will officially implement the change across the board, including websites and other documents.
Google explicitly refers to the operating system as ChromeOS (one word). The reason behind this is to integrate and update Chrome OS to ChromeOS. This will also apply to rebranding Chromium OS as well as ChromiumOS.
According to reports, no new rebranding is expected before Chrome OS version 102, which is expected to launch sometime in May this year.




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