CISCE likely to release Class 10, 12 date sheets by 30 November

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For CBSE 10th and 12th exams, the timetables are available on the board’s official website or and for ICSE and ISC students on Like before the Covid-19 pandemic, this time also the central board will conduct the exam once a year.

In some respects, ICSE and ISC exam syllabus has been revised. Whereas, almost two years after reducing it, CBSE has also revised the syllabus and is now conducting exams using the entire content.

Also, CBSE will change the exam format in 2023, making the exams more skill-based and adding more internal options based on less cramming.

Here are the key details to follow for ICSE Class 10 & 12 Board Exam 2023:

– ICSE ISC Class 10 & 12 Board Exam Date Sheet: Schedule may be released soon.

– ICSE ISC Board Exam 2023 will be held from February to March 2023.

– ICSE ISC Class 10th and 12th Date Sheet: The schedule will include the subject, date, day and time of the exam.

– Candidates appearing in ICSE 10th Board Exam 2023 have to choose minimum six subjects.

– ICSE Board Exam 2023 requires students to choose a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 subjects from their specific group.

– Group 1 (Compulsory): ICSE Board Exam 2023 will carry 80 marks in percentile and Internal Assessment will carry 20 marks.

– Group 2: Candidates have to select minimum 2 and maximum 3 subjects from group 2. Like Group 1, there will be 80 marks for written paper and 20 marks for internal assessment.

– Group 3: Here, candidates have to choose a subject from the available options. The written test will be of 50 marks, while the internal assessment will carry an allotment of 50 marks.

Physics for ICSE and ISC Class 10 and 12 is a subject that almost all students want to excel in, but many students find it difficult and hence are afraid to prepare for it. First thing, ICSE and ISC Board Physics is all about getting your all concepts clear and well understood.

In a more academic career, the scope of Physics subjects is wide, and the format is also different from that of CBSE or other state boards. Hence, students can benefit from some additional preparation tips and expert advice while preparing for ICSE and ISC Class 10 & 12 Board Exams 2023.

Now, this can be overwhelming, and that’s okay if you’re anxious to complete such a huge syllabus. Let’s see how you can eat an elephant. Simple, one bite at a time!

ICSE and ISC Physics Syllabus Guide and Tips –

1. Chapters like Machine, Force, Work, Energy and Power can be completed only after memorizing the definitions of laws and the various ways in which laws can be applied.

2. Also, students must correct the derivation as much and as often as possible. Start by setting a target of revision of all derivations in 3 chapters per day. It will help to revise derivation of all 15 chapters in just five days. Then again, start the process to remember them forever.

3. Chapters like Electric Power, Electromagnetism and Circuits provide interesting numerical problems for practice, while chapters like Light and Sound have lots of numerical problems and theoretical questions to do well in ICSE and ISC Board Exam 2023.

4. Now, you have to revise all important derivations from each chapter in next two days. Also, read previous year question papers and ICSE ISC sample papers for class 10 and 12 and mark frequently asked questions.

5. Now, once your derivations are finished, it’s time to solve the numerical problems. Solve and practice as many sample papers as you can. ICSE ISC Board Exam 2023 Class 10 & 12 Physics Sample Sample Papers will provide you with a large number of questions and hence boost your confidence a lot.

So, here are the tips to prepare for ICSE and ISC Class 10 and 12 Physics Board Exam 2023:

1. Do your KYC – Know your course

The festive season is over so now is the time to get serious. First and foremost thing is how to know everything about ICSE and ISC Physics question papers. Also, students need to know how they should cover all the questions with examples from the textbook.

2. Understand the concept (clarity of concept will help in numerical solution and long answer drafting)

Also, focus more on understanding concepts, clarity, sorting of definitions, numbers, theory and other important sections of the syllabus. You need to have clarity of concept because if you don’t have clarity of concept, the rest of the stuff like numerical writing and long format answers will prove difficult, especially from chapters like Machines, Optics Calorimetry Ball and of course, Current and Electricity.

How to write the definition? key phrase Mind maps and mnemonics will help you present definitions in a meaningful way.

3. Numerical is very important

Firstly, 30 minutes of physics number solutions per day from any chapter should be part of your daily drill while preparing. It should be mandatory so that your mind is engaged while solving them and the more you solve, the faster you will solve ICSE and ISC Physics Class 10 & 12 Board Exam Papers, hence developing time management skills. Exercise CISCE may publish date sheet by November; Updated exam pattern with a simple road map to score maximum in Physics

When it comes to definitions, you should remember that the main points and keywords in your textbook or your notes are very important. Also, try making mind maps or short notes or get guidebooks with mind maps for quick and easy revision, especially a day or two before your pre-board exam or your board exam.

5. Previous year question papers

Solve last 4 years PYQs. Also, practice carefully on 1st and 2nd previous year papers for 2021-22.

Students of class 10th and 12th should solve at least previous year question papers of last four years. Before your final board exam, you should have done at least three solutions to get good marks in class 10 and 12 board exam. Also, before your final ICSE and ISC Physics Board Exams in March 2023, you must be well acquainted with diagrams. As far as ray diagrams are concerned, they are very important and that’s why you must practice rate diagrams from both optics and spectrum to score maximum in ICSE and ISC in class 10th and 12th board exams.

6. Simulate the test atmosphere

After completion of complete syllabus, simulate exam environment. Follow strict deadlines. Use Board Based ICSE ISC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 to decode the exam pattern of CISCE Board Exam 2023.

CISCE may release date sheet by November; Updated exam pattern with a simple road map to score maximum in Physics

After completion of complete syllabus, simulate exam environment. Follow strict deadlines. Use Board Based ICSE ISC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 to decode the exam pattern of CISCE Board Exam 2023.

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