Cooling drinks to beat Mumbai’s heatwave

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Mumbai is shaking in the scorching heat. Temperatures rose to 39.4 degrees Celsius a few days ago, the highest so far this year, after the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a heatwave warning that it could get worse in the next few days. If you feel the effects of the scorching hot weather and want to cool down, here are a few cool drinks to help you cool down.

Dietitian Sheila Tanna shares three recipes using coconut water, good ole yogurt and oranges:

Coconut water mojito


Mint leaves – 10

Lemon slices – 5 coconut water – 300 ml

Soda – 100 ml

Ice cubes – 2 pieces

Mix all this together. Keep it as a cooler.

Advantages: This is an isotonic, low calorie super drink that can instantly lose heat.

The best lassi


Low-fat yogurt – 1 cup

Rock salt – a pinch

Cumin – a pinch

Mint leaves – 10

Soda – 250 ml

Mix the above together and enjoy this lassi with a twist to beat Mumbai Summer.

Advantages: Lassi never disappoints you. It has a quick pick-me-up effect.

Lime and lemon orange juice


Freshly squeezed orange juice – 200 ml

Ice Cubes – A Few

Cold tonic water – 100 ml

A few pieces of lime

Advantages: It is a vitamin C packed, extremely cool instant energy booster drink.

Food expert Moumita S also shared some delicious recipes.
“Summer meals are basically cool, soothing and refreshing. I use mostly fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. Easy-to-digest, nutritious foods that keep the body cool and healthy. One must avoid sugary, deep-fried foods and seasonal,” he said. I have to eat. ”

Yogurt Bundi Green Mango Cold Soup


To do this: Take half yogurt (yogurt) and half milk. Mix well together. Add amchoor powder (dried mango powder) and black salt (a pinch). Pour into serving cups. Add the grated cucumber. Garnish with bundi, skin with small pieces of green mango. Sprinkle chaat spices on top and serve cold.

Lunch ideas

Moumita also shared two recipes for quick cooling
And easy lunch in the summer

Cool colorful fruit salad


What do you want:
Dragon fruit




Cut all these into cubes.

For dressing – lemon juice, honey, amchoor powder (dried mango powder), pinch black salt.

Cottage cheese-veggie colored clear soup


To make it, heat three cups of water. Add the blanched corn, carrot pieces (1 medium size carrot), 1 tomato (cut into cubes), baby spinach (cut like a string) and a few pieces of spring onion. Turn off the gas. Garnish with fresh cottage cheese cubes and cranberries.




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