Coronavirus: Why some of us don’t catch COVID

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These are the lucky ones who have not yet been infected with the coronavirus, which has so far infected 440,807,756 people worldwide.

Kovid, caused by the coronavirus, was first identified in November 2019 in the Wuhan region of China. A few months later, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global epidemic. Since then the whole world has been in the grip of covid infection which is coming in different waves with different symptoms and severity.

So far, the WHO has classified 5 variants of the coronavirus as a form of concern.

The government is imposing lockdowns at the local level to reduce the risk of global covid. In these two years, people have made it a condition to stay away from the virus by keeping themselves at home, working from home and reducing travel.

But there is a section of us who live in the same environment where others have been exposed to the virus, but have not been infected.




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