Could dementia be a consequence of COVID-19? Here’s what scientists have to say

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The epidemic is in its third year and the world recently witnessed the third wave of the Covid-19 with the Omicron variant. So far, there has been an abundance of symptoms that have been associated with existing variants. Although most symptoms occur and subside within a few days or weeks, there are others that persist for months after recovery. Especially after the second wave is brought by the delta variant, the tendency of long covid has been noticed.

Long covid is defined as a condition in which people do not recover for weeks or months after the onset of symptoms which covid may or may not be certain. It is also worth noting that the symptoms of Covid-19 are not limited to the body but also affect the mind for viruses that cause respiratory diseases that can infect both peripheral and central nervous system cells. Psychological consequences of Covid-19 include cerebral palsy, anxiety, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, or insomnia. But does it also create a risk of dementia? Here’s what you need to know.




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