DIY summer skincare to look gorgeous

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The heat is burning all around us and if you are not in the mood to go out to your favorite salon in this scorching heat, we have found the best affordable solution for you. With this cheap, easy and natural DIY skin tips this summer your home gets comfortable radiant and happy skin. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Scrub with coffee body scrub

As the summer is getting hotter day by day, the harmful rays of the sun are definitely dehydrating our body and blocking the pores of our skin and taking away all the radiance of our face. And if you are a working woman and are thinking of tanning your body and face, exfoliation can be a great way to make your face look brighter and keep your body healthy. A homemade DIY body scrub can be the best way to get rid of all your tanning and impurities that make your face grow faster. To make a simple DIY body polish pack or scrub make sure you have these products on hand – one tablespoon of coffee, one tablespoon of wheat flour, one teaspoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of milk and your favorite essential oils and all the mixing ingredients thoroughly. . Once you are satisfied with your body scrub, spoon it into a container and you are ready to apply it all over your body and face. Try to use this body scrub regularly twice a week to get radiant skin.

Eliminate blackheads and whiteheads

Have you worked with these ugly blackheads and whiteheads that appear on your face due to excessive sweating and excessive wind or sun exposure in summer? You can get the best home remedies and easy DIY removal and get rid of these white and blackheads quickly. All you have to do is have an egg white, remove the yolk and mix it with honey, stir well and dilute the mixture all over your nose and chin, wash off when dry and see if you are off. This insect head.

DIY to remove facial hair
Want to get rid of unwanted and excess facial hair that embarrasses you, this summer is the time to say goodbye to them with this homemade nature DIY. To prepare, make a liquid paste with one teaspoon of besan, wheat flour, 2 drops of coconut oil, rose water and a pinch of turmeric. All of these places have access to your facial hair and leave it on for 20 minutes and remove it after massaging the top. You must try DIY at least 4 times a week this summer to get fast results.

Mist on the face

Fog is quite a trend these days because it helps keep your face cool all the time this summer. All you need to do is to put the green tea bag in boiling water, remove it and let it cool, add 4 drops of tea tree essential oil and put it in a bottle and shake it. Make sure it is blended properly. These fog helps you fight the heat and allows your skin to instantly cool, calm and hydrate. It should be applied daily to those who have acne-prone and oily skin.

With the input of Peripher Goel, the founder of Love Earth.




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