Easy styling tips for THIN girls

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If you’re tired of being ‘too skinny’ tags, read on, because our simple tips can help you stay away from those embarrassing comments. All you have to do every day is notice what makes you thin and doesn’t work for your figure. Knowing what your body type is suitable for can make or break your look. From pattern to fabric, there are many things to consider. To make it easy for you, we’ve listed some useful tips that every skinny girl should try:

Choose bright colors

Although one of the most preferred shades by black women, one should try to avoid such dark shades. Instead, choose vibrant colors that will not make you look thinner.

Stay away from body-hugging clothing

This one is a no brainer! Try to avoid bodycon clothing, which will make you look slimmer. This type of fit can take the shape of your body, which can be a wrong pass for lean girls.

Choose the right fabric

When choosing fabrics, one should try to choose a structured and thick fabric. This type of fabric can make your body look curvy and not skinny.

Alloy vertical stripes

When it comes to stripes, avoid vertical stripes as it will only make you look thinner. However, one can easily opt for horizontal ribbons, which work perfectly on skinny women.

Give the layering a shot

Another fun way to stay with your clothes is to level them. The outer garment of the statement will enhance your garment and also create the illusion of curve.

Swap skinny jeans for comfortable fit

If you have skinny legs, then skinny jeans are a big no-no! To avoid this, try loose and anti-fit jeans such as straight cut, flared, bootcut etc.

Go for flared silhouettes

When choosing clothes, try to stick to flared silhouettes instead of boxers. For example, try a flared midi skirt instead of a pencil skirt.

Wear prints

To create an illusion of curves, try tops with heavy prints and patterns. One can also choose details like wrapped necklines, raffles, knots etc. to create dimensions.




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