Explained: What is 123PAY and how you can use it to make UPI payments without internet connection

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Reserve Bank of India (RBI) launches new UPI service, 123 p, Which aims to help the country’s nearly 400 million feature phone users. RBI Governor Shaktikant Das has announced this new feature. So far, UPI payment Only payments applications on smartphones and feature phones are possible through USSD-based services. But according to Deputy Governor T Ravi Shankar, the latter has proved to be complicated by the unavailability of services on several mobile networks.
What? UPI 123PAY
As mentioned above, UPI 123PAY aims to help feature phone users Digital payment Easily the new feature will work on ordinary phones and does not require internet connection. Explained during the event, 123PAY is a three-step procedure that can be started and implemented UPI transactions For users.
The feature will allow users to transact through feature phones in four different ways – making an interactive voice response (IVR) call, using app functionality on feature phones, proximity sound-based payments and a miss call functionality.
Using the 123PAY feature you can make payments, recharge fast tags for vehicles, pay utility bills and it allows you to check the balance of your account linked to UPI. In addition, the new feature will allow you to set or change your UPI pins The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched a 24×7 helpline for digital payments to support 123PAY. Users can visit www.digisaathi.info or call 14431 and 1800 891 3333 from their phones for their questions about digital payments and complaints.
How to make digital payment without internet connection through UPI 123PAY IVR calling service
One of the easiest ways to use the UPI 123 PAY feature is through the IVR service. To learn how to use this feature, you can follow these steps:

  • Dial 08045163666 from the phone.
  • Select the language of your choice.
  • Tap the ‘1’ key on your phone to transfer money.
  • Choose the bank associated with UPI by the name of the bank.
  • Tap ‘1’ key to confirm details.
  • Tap the ‘1’ key to send money using your mobile number.
  • Enter the mobile number.
  • Confirm the details.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Enter your UPI PIN and approve the money transfer.




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