Explained: What is a Wi-Fi repeater and how does it work

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At least once, most of us have found ourselves in situations where we are struggling with the range of Wi-Fi routers. This is quite a common problem. There’s nothing more frustrating than a boring Wi-Fi connection when streaming a movie, playing a multiplayer game, or making a conference call. Sometimes this may be due to the Internet package you have subscribed to, but in most cases it is due to the range of your Wi-Fi router. A Wi-Fi repeater can help you get rid of this hassle. But what is a Wi-Fi repeater and how does it work? Here is the answer to your question.
What is a Wi-Fi repeater?
A Wi-Fi repeater is also known by several other names such as Wi-Fi Range Extender or Wi-Fi Extender. As the name implies, Wi-Fi repeaters are used to replicate existing Wi-Fi signals to extend its range. This device picks up an existing Wi-Fi signal and re-broadcasts it to create a second network.
Wi-Fi repeaters help you save on the cost of getting another Wi-Fi connection and are fairly easy to install. Most Wi-Fi repeaters on the market take up almost no space. In addition, it does not even require complex installation. Wi-Fi repeaters are commonly used in offices, large offices, malls and various other places.
How a Wi-Fi repeater works
A Wi-Fi repeater is placed where it receives signals from the primary Wi-Fi router. It takes the Wi-Fi signal from the router and widens it to further transmit the boosted signal. Although it’s hard to judge just by looking, a Wi-Fi router has two wireless routers. One router picks up the Wi-Fi signal and amplifies it before sharing it with another router. The other router then transmits the amplified signal. It is noteworthy that although the signal from the repeater will have the same power as the primary router, the latency and response time will inevitably increase.
As mentioned earlier, this is a relatively small device that can simply be plugged into a power socket without any integration. The features offered by Wi-Fi routers depend on the price range Affordable Wi-Fi repeaters come with built-in antennas while high-end ones get compatible antennas. Most of these devices have Sport Status LED lights on the front. Premium repeaters can also be controlled via a dedicated mobile app.




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