Explained: What is Internet Service Provider throttling and how does it work

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You may often notice that your home broadband internet is not up to speed or you are not being provided with the speed you were given. This is probably because you have probably exceeded the data limit according to the plan you have subscribed to However, there may be other reasons. One such reason may be Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling. When your internet service provider intentionally slows down your internet speed or bandwidth without informing you, it is called ISP Throttling But the question is why ISPs throttle the Internet. Here is your answer.
Why ISP Internet Throttle?
Typically, ISPs throttle an Internet connection to monitor or control Internet traffic on their own networking and to reduce bandwidth congestion. Sometimes, they even do it to enforce data limits.
Sometimes, though, throttling is not as bad as it sounds. When multiple customers use the same cell tower, the ISP throws bandwidth so that each user receives an equally powerful network.
Internet service providers throttle the Internet to control network traffic and reduce congestion. They also do this to slow down your connection after you exceed certain data limits.
Throttling becomes questionable even when your ISP influences your internet habits and takes advantage of you.
Here are some common causes of ISP throttling
Data cap
Some Internet service providers, especially mobile networks, limit the amount of high-speed data per month. If you get anywhere near that cap, they start throttling, which eventually slows you down. An ISP must specify your data limits in your plan. If you think your speed is being throttle, go to your app to find out if it is beyond your limits.
Network congestion
Typically, when a network tries to connect to a large number of people, ISPs throttle bandwidth to control traffic. The move helps almost all customers in the area get evenly distributed bandwidth to stay connected.
Internet service providers also throttle your data when you try to access a specific form of data, such as a large file or torrent with a lot of bandwidth. They usually do this when their bandwidth is suppressed from user activity.
How to tell if you are being throttle
It is not always clear if a person is being throttled because there are many factors that can slow down the internet connection. It is always best to run a test to see if you are being throttle. Test results will give you a fair idea if you are getting what you pay for.




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