Facebook using a new set of group tools to fight misinformation

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Facebook has launched a new tool for group admins to prevent the spread of misinformation. The meta-owned social media platform has announced that these new tools are another step against false information, as the company seeks to prevent the spread of false information. These features will not only help identify fake information, but also help reduce the workload of group administrators and ultimately make them more efficient in group management.
Admin Assist This is the first new feature of Facebook. This feature offers administrators the ability to automatically reject group incoming posts that contain false information.
The “Mute” functionality has been renamed to “Suspended” and has been further improved to temporarily suspend group members from participating in a group chat, not just mute for admins and moderators. This includes posting, responding, commenting and even creating or entering a room in the group.
Facebook has added another feature that enables administrators to automatically accept or reject member requests based on specific criteria. This feature will make it easier for admins to manage their groups.
Moreover, the admin home design has been updated with a new overview page on the desktop. For mobile, a new layout and an insight summary have been added at the same time
Admins will be able to download or copy / paste from the Share menu and place ads in their groups because Facebook has added QR code support. After scanning the QR code, people will be notified about the group, where they can join or request to join the group. Added to this is the option for admins to send email invitations to people to join their group.




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