Five must-have accessories in a woman’s closet

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The difference between you and other women wearing the same shirt is how you style it. This is how fashion sets people apart. Fashion accessories are the items chosen to complement the rest of an outfit — finishing touch — although they may have a functional purpose. Accessories are like the nourishment of fashion. Even the most basic clothing can be worn with the right accessories. Accessorizing is a strategy to add interest to your wardrobe and help you breathe new life into the old standby of your wardrobe.

Here are five fashion accessories to help you get a diva look. These accessories will take your ensembles to a whole new level.

Slim belt and waist belt

A slim belt is an essential accessory to keep those denim jeans in place. A slender belt can look great on a dress or a blazer; In fact, the over-the-blazer style is on trend now. You can play with other bark and start with something more basic for this particular accessory. Also, a decent waist belt will help to tighten your waist, give the illusion of a slimmer waist and make some sloping garments look more comfortable. Before you go for the more subtle options, start with a black or tan belt with a gold or matching ribbon.


Sunglasses are stylish and protect from the sun’s rays, especially when you are out on a beach vacation. A pair of sunglasses makes your outfit look chic and great. Pathfinder and cat sunglasses are common and highly recommended. Make sure you get a pair of sunglasses that will fit your face before you spend money on them.

Classy watch

When it comes to accessories, we can not forget about the watch. Nowadays, you can achieve watches with beautiful displays and bands that are not your usual kind. Some watches resemble bracelets and no doubt your outfit should find their way. A vintage gold or silver watch also looks good. Just choose a dial size and a style that suits your personality.

Statement jewelry

In today’s fashion world, chunky neckpieces, bracelets and hoopla earrings are the most famous statement jewelry pieces. It adds an elegant touch and is a great way to add a little sparkle to your outfit. Well, it is advisable to start with classic, timeless items that blend in with your everyday outfit and then slowly add bold, bold pieces for a more sharp, street-style look.

Modish bag

A decent bag can make you look fashionable when you free your hands. Carrying a cross-body bag is always a classic because of its versatility and functionality. The vintage-inspired baguette bag is wide enough to hold all your everyday things and still looks stylish enough for any event. These bags often include a built-in pocket to keep your items organized and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap to go with each garment. You can also include a clutch with your attire at parties and gatherings to carry your belongings. Start with black, gold and silver before associating with different colors, designs and textures.

With input from Nidhi Yadav, founder Aks Clothings.




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