Foods from Indian tales and folklore that revive childhood nostalgia

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Known worldwide as the Jujub fruit, it has a rich history in ancient Indian texts. Speaking of Ramayana, one of the epic poems of Indian literature, who has not heard the story ‘Sabari Bar’. So, that’s how the story goes. Sabari was a low caste woman with a golden heart who was a disciple of sage Matang. When the sage Matanga was on his way to the heavenly abode, Sabari had a cordial conversation with him and asked him to accompany him to the heavenly abode. But, the Matanga sage said to him, “Now is not the time for you to come there with me. You will be saved when you meet Lord Rama.” From that day on, Shabri would wait for Lord Rama and go to the forest every day to get a local berry called berry. One day, Lord Rama came to his hut and asked him to eat something. Then, Sabari forced him to eat a half-eaten berry, for which he said, “Lord, I have chosen for you only sweet berries, I have tasted each berry to make sure I only brought sweet berries.” So, Lord Rama ate those sweet berries with love and Sabari got salvation.




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