Ford to sell Explorer SUVs without some chips: What this means and more

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Car manufacturers seem to be becoming smarter to deal with global chip noise. According to a report in Automotive News, Ford Motor Co. Partially constructed vehicles waiting for semiconductors or related components that control the non-safety critical features and plan to ship and sell. The company’s decision comes in the face of a shortage of chips faced by automakers around the world. The company is reportedly ready to start selling and shipping the Explorer SUV.
What are ‘missing chips’?
These Ford Explorer SUVs will be shipped without rear air conditioning and heating controls without a power chip. Automaker will send missing semiconductors to dealers within a year, which they will install on customers’ vehicles after purchase.
Ford spokesman Said Deep He told The Verge that the heat from the front seat and air conditioning would still be controllable. He added that the change was only temporary and that Ford was doing so as a way to quickly bring new explorers to its customers.
Special discount for buyers
Customers who choose to buy a car without rear control will get a discount. Initially, the automaker planned to send partially built, unmanageable vehicles to dealers last year. Last month, hundreds of new Ford Bronco vehicles stood idle near the Michigan Assembly plant in the United States, waiting for chips, the report said.
Ford is not alone
By the way, Ford is not alone. GM has dropped wireless charging, HD radio and a fuel management module due to chip shortages. Tesla Some cars sell without a USB port and can be installed at a later time. Similarly among luxury car manufacturers, Cadillac Its hands-free driving feature has been reportedly nixed in Escalade’s 2022 models. BMW shipped some cars without touchscreen.




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