Gboard Stickers: Gboard may soon be able to convert text into stickers

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Gboard- The Google A popular choice among keyboard users. In addition to basic features like spell-checking, next-word prediction, and glide / swipe typing, Google’s on-screen keyboard includes GIFs, stickers, and Emoji Support It is now getting a new feature – the ability to convert text to stickers, as reported by Android Police.
For example, if a user writes a heart emoji with “see you soon”, they will see one Sticker On the suggestion strip. A tap on it will open a side-scrolling tab with various sticker options for inserting the message.

Image Credit: Android Police

Depending on the operation, the new feature is similar to Emoji Kitchen which allows users to mix two or more emoji to create a new emoji. New text-based stickers are currently available in beta Gboard.
According to the report, the keyboard shows suggestions for most phrases, but not all yet. Also, the only way to access these text-based stickers is through Gboard’s suggestion strip. Text-based stickers are not visible when browsing the full emoji picker.
In the meantime, Google is introducing new features for Spaces in Google Chat. It includes features like setting up space manager, space guide and space description. The role of space manager will give specific users more control over space management. They will also be able to add descriptions to spaces and define guidelines that set rules and expectations for creating a safer community experience for members.




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