Good News! Telangana CM to fund medical studies of 700 students who returned from Ukraine

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In a sigh of relief, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced that the state would finance the education of 700 students in the state who had gone to Ukraine for medical treatment.

KCR made the announcement in the Telangana Legislative Assembly today in the ongoing debate over why Indian students go abroad to study, which was also highlighted by the bereaved father of Naveen Shekharpappa Gyangoudar, a student killed in Russian shelling in Kharkiv.

KCR said 740 students from the state were studying medicine in Ukraine and have now returned from the war-torn country. Rao said in his speech, “We will send a letter to the Center that we will support them.”

India recently, through Operation Ganges, evacuated more than 18,000 students from war-torn Ukraine who had gone there for medical treatment. Significantly, the incident sparked controversy among a large crowd of Indian students who went abroad to study.

It has been underlined that the cost of studying medicine in Eastern European countries is cheaper than studying medicine in India.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, which has been going on for 21 days now, came as a shock to Indian students in Ukraine. After the Ukrainian government closed their airspace on 24 February, they were stranded without adequate food, water and, in some cases, even asylum in war-torn countries.

Regarding the controversy among Indian students studying abroad, some argued that only students who fail to pass the medical entrance exam in India go abroad, others argued that there are not enough medical seats in India to accommodate all eligible candidates.

The controversy erupted after Union Minister Prahlad Joshi’s remarks that students study abroad in India “after failing to qualify for competitive exams”.

The remark drew a sharp response from the father of young Shekharpappa Gyanagouddar, who drew attention to the high cost of medical studies in India. His son, he said, was an intelligent student who had to go to Ukraine because he could not afford to study medicine in India.

“Grants are very high for those who want to study medicine here. Intelligent students go abroad to study, and they spend less than in Karnataka. A student here has to pay crores of rupees to get a medical seat under quota,” he said.

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